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Microsphere injection and survival

Solid particles

PolyHIPE (porous) particles

Loose cells

One benefit of microspheres being used to enable stem cell injections is that the cells are restricted to the area of implantation and cannot disperse around the body. This would be irrelevant however if the process of injection damaged the cells. To test wether the microspheres would help protect attached cells we formed solid particles of the same material and after a few days in culture I simulated the injection process and compared the surviving cells to a control. Loose cells were used as due to the difference in size between the cells and the needle tip there would be very little shear force and therefor damage. These also demonstrated existing methods of delivery (injections of stem cells).

I found that the porous nature of the polyHIPE microspheres increase the survival of attached cells when compared to solid particles where cells were more exposed to shear forces.