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Looking back at my experience of getting and then carrying out research exchanges with China. This video is a summary of going to China to apply for the research exchange, my trip to Beijing for 30 days of research and my hosting of a Chinese academic in Sheffield. MeDe gave us the opportunity to travel to Chengdu in China, meet Chinese early career academics and write proposals together for travel funding. With our successful applications I was able to work in Beijing for a month enhancing a current research project on bone regeneration with the addition of an antimicrobial agent. We also hosted a Chinese academic in Sheffield for a month and here we started a brand-new research project at the interface of the two groups expertise.

Preventing bone infections related to implantable devices is a pressing and serious problem faced today which we need to address. MeDe allowed us to realise this goal by bringing Early Career Researchers together to compete in a dragon dens style ‘sandpit’ and fund a small but joint research project. Researchers from Bradford and Sheffield formed a multidisciplinary team to propose a project which would produce medical devices for bone fixation with inbuilt antibacterial properties. After winning this funding, research has begun at the centres of expertise at both universities. Bioglass, that promotes bone regeneration, has been produced at Sheffield and mixed with an antimicrobial compound and a biodegradable polymer at Bradford. The regenerative capability and antimicrobial efficacy of the new material is currently tested at both Universities. This video gives an overview of the project along with how the MeDe sandpit has enhanced the careers of young researchers.

Travelling to China with MeDe

Innovative manufacturing of composite materials with enhanced osteogenic and antibacterial properties

Video of my talk in China (general summary of my research up to 2016)